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We have worked and planned silviculture projects like harvesting and thinning for hundreds of landowners over 25 years of operations.Many woodlots are entering the period where harvest operations can begin again through management procedures introduced from year 1 which means we are doing things right.We have many satisfied landowners.

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Number of years in business26
Number of employees20
Number of Services11
Certifications or Qualifications10
LocationPictou, Nova Scotia
Payment OptionsCheque,Cash,Some Credit Cards


Commercial Harvest

A commercial harvest is completed with the goal of harvesting and selling the final timber product (saw logs, etc.). It is the final stage in commercial forest management, taking place several years after precommercial thinning and commercial thinning treatments.

Counties: Colchester, Antigonish, Guysborough, Pictou
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres, 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres

Commercial Thinning

Ideal for middle-aged stands, commercial thinning removes some of the more mature trees to allow room for others to grow, and to open up the canopy for regeneration. The trees removed are often those that are: damaged or diseased; growing too close to desirable trees; or less desirable species.

Counties: Colchester, Antigonish, Pictou
Lot Sizes: 5 to 10 acres, over 10 acres, under 5 acres

Precommercial Thinning

Precommercial thinning (PCT) is done in overstocked stands of younger trees to free up space and resources for selected trees and improve overall stand quality. PCT treatments are done in both natural stands and plantations. The goal is to remove less desirable trees (like non-crop species, or damaged and diseased trees) as well as create appropriate spacing in the stand for healthy, higher quality trees to grow. PCT work is generally done manually with clearing or thinning saws.

Counties: Cumberland, Colchester, Antigonish, Halifax, Guysborough, Pictou
Lot Sizes: 5 to 10 acres, over 10 acres, under 5 acres

Logging Contractor

Specializing in managing for, harvesting, and trucking mature logs to sell to sawmills. This can include pulp and stud wood as well.

Counties: Antigonish, Cumberland, Colchester, Pictou
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres, 5 to 10 acres, under 5 acres

Management Planning

Having a woodlot management plan is an important tool for effective forest management and is a requirement for most forest certification schemes. Management plans include: the goals and objectives of the landowner, a detailed description and inventory of the woodlot (including a map), and a plan for carrying out silvicultural treatments to accomplish the landowner’s goals. The plan should be reviewed and updated every 5 to 10 years to remain relevant and to stay in line with the landowner’s wishes and needs. While it is very useful to have a registered professional forester create the management plan, it is important that the landowner be involved in the process as well to ensure that it conforms to their own unique needs and values.

Counties: Colchester, Antigonish, Guysborough, Cumberland, Pictou, Halifax
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Silviculture Contractor

Silvicultural contractors provide a variety of woodlot management services, not just harvesting. These can include selection harvesting, thinning, road building, wildlife management, management planning, boundary line work, and many others.

Counties: Pictou, Halifax, Guysborough, Cumberland, Colchester, Antigonish
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Selection Harvesting

Selection harvesting is a treatment used in uneven-aged forest management in which either single trees or small groups of trees are harvested at a time. The goal is to maintain the canopy of a forest stand while still being able to continually harvest timber. This is done by diversifying tree age classes, encouraging regeneration, and leaving some of the best trees as seed trees.

Counties: Guysborough, Cumberland, Colchester, Antigonish, Pictou, Halifax
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Woodlot Mapping

Having a woodlot map makes planning silvicultural treatments easier and gives you a better idea of what you have in your woodlot. Woodlot mapping is often done by a registered professional forester when developing a woodlot management plan, though it can be created on its own. A woodlot map shows where your boundary lines are and generally displays the different stands existing on your woodlot. Aerial photos can be useful to include with woodlot maps.

Counties: Pictou, Colchester, Antigonish
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres


Weeding refers to the trimming or removal of small, herbaceous plants in a stand, as well as non-crop tree species, which are competing with desirable tree species. Plants like raspberry bushes can out-compete seedlings and limit their access to nutrients, sunlight, and other necessary factors for growth.

Counties: Pictou, Guysborough, Colchester, Antigonish
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Timber Appraisal

A timber appraisal is meant to give woodlot owners an idea of what volume and kind of timber they have on their woodlot and how much it is worth. Factors considered in calculating this are tree density, species, and timber quality. Timber appraisals are useful for woodlot owners planning to sell or purchase woodland, or for those just trying to get a sense of what they have on a woodlot. It is generally necessary to hire a professional forester to complete a timber appraisal.

Counties: Pictou, Guysborough, Cumberland, Colchester, Antigonish
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres

Hardwood Management

In forest stands primarily made up of hardwood species, many owners/operators manage for harvesting firewood commercially or for private use.

Counties: Antigonish, Pictou, Halifax, Guysborough, Cumberland, Colchester
Lot Sizes: over 10 acres, 5 to 10 acres


    Other Qualifications
    Registered with WCB
    Registered with the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.
    3rd Party Audited Safety Program
    Has safety program reviewed by 3rd party auditing.
    Clearing Saw
    Certification for clearing saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Chain Saw
    Certification for chain saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    Have completed the required training to offer, handle, or transport dangerous goods and have received the relevant training certificate.
    Watercourse Alteration
    Have completed a Watercourse Alteration Certification course recognized in Nova Scotia.
    FSSNS Core Program
    Have completed the Core Program of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia.
    BMP Training
    Have completed Best Management Practices training relevant to the Acadian Forest Region.
    Liability Insurance
    Has current Liability Insurance.

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Company NameFuture Forestry Services Co-op Ltd
Contact NameBruce MacLeod
Phone(902) 922-3699
Street239 MacLellans Brook/Coalburn Rd
TownMacLellans Brook
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal CodeB2H 5N8


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