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Masters Forestry Limited

Masters Forestry Limited offers mechanical harvesting, which involves buying of stumpage andor woodland. The company offers selection cutting of tolerant hardwood. Site preparation of cut over land for tree planting is also available. The company has 3 skidders equipped with disk trenchers for this treatment.

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Number of years in business24
Number of employees10
Number of Services5
Certifications or Qualifications10
LocationCumberland, Nova Scotia
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Lot Clearing

Characterized by removing the forest cover from an area where a land use change is desired by the owner, such as conversion to agricultural, commercial, or residential land. This can include removal of all forest vegetation, stumps, debris, and sometimes top soil.

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Logging Contractor

Specializing in managing for, harvesting, and trucking mature logs to sell to sawmills. This can include pulp and stud wood as well.

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Mechanical Site Preparation

Mechanical site preparation is often used after clearcut or partial cut treatments to prepare the ground for planting or natural regeneration. Seedlings need certain conditions to grow properly, and large machinery can sometimes be used to create or encourage the desired conditions.

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Commercial Harvest

A commercial harvest is completed with the goal of harvesting and selling the final timber product (saw logs, etc.). It is the final stage in commercial forest management, taking place several years after precommercial thinning and commercial thinning treatments.

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Commercial Thinning

Ideal for middle-aged stands, commercial thinning removes some of the more mature trees to allow room for others to grow, and to open up the canopy for regeneration. The trees removed are often those that are: damaged or diseased; growing too close to desirable trees; or less desirable species.

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    Other Qualifications
    Atlantic Master Logger certification
    Registered with WCB
    Registered with the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.
    3rd Party Audited Safety Program
    Has safety program reviewed by 3rd party auditing.
    Clearing Saw
    Certification for clearing saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Chain Saw
    Certification for chain saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    Have completed the required training to offer, handle, or transport dangerous goods and have received the relevant training certificate.
    Watercourse Alteration
    Have completed a Watercourse Alteration Certification course recognized in Nova Scotia.
    FSSNS Core Program
    Have completed the Core Program of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia.
    BMP Training
    Have completed Best Management Practices training relevant to the Acadian Forest Region.
    Liability Insurance
    Has current Liability Insurance.

This service provider prefers contact by telephone, please call (902) 447-3000.

Contact Details

Company NameMasters Forestry Limited
Contact NameMike Masters
Phone(902) 447-3000
Street6495 Little River Road
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal CodeB0M 1P0


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