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Wood comfort at home

After 22 years in the Navy it was time for a change. Wood_Comfort_At_ Home is your prime firewood supplier in Dartmouth/Halifax surranding. I take pride in what i do and i garanty you will received what you payed for. call or email for pricing

Company Details

Number of years in business1
Number of employees1
Number of Services0
Certifications or Qualifications6
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia
Payment OptionsCash,Cheque



    Other Qualifications
    3rd Party Audited Safety Program
    Has safety program reviewed by 3rd party auditing.
    Clearing Saw
    Certification for clearing saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Chain Saw
    Certification for chain saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    Have completed the required training to offer, handle, or transport dangerous goods and have received the relevant training certificate.
    Liability Insurance
    Has current Liability Insurance.

This service provider prefers contact by email, please use the link below.

Contact Details

Company NameWood comfort at home
Contact NameChristian Verville
Phone(902) 880-1409
StreetMain Street
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal CodeB2Z 1J4


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