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I am a professional forester and soil scientist offering woodlot soil and site assessments, soil surveys and mapping, wetland delineation, and hands-on soils workshops. 25+ years experience. Get to know your woodlot soils to promote ecosystem-based sustainable management. From informal walk-throughs to detailed reports.

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Woodlot Mapping

Having a woodlot map makes planning silvicultural treatments easier and gives you a better idea of what you have in your woodlot. Woodlot mapping is often done by a registered professional forester when developing a woodlot management plan, though it can be created on its own. A woodlot map shows where your boundary lines are and generally displays the different stands existing on your woodlot. Aerial photos can be useful to include with woodlot maps.

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Management Planning

Having a woodlot management plan is an important tool for effective forest management and is a requirement for most forest certification schemes. Management plans include: the goals and objectives of the landowner, a detailed description and inventory of the woodlot (including a map), and a plan for carrying out silvicultural treatments to accomplish the landowner’s goals. The plan should be reviewed and updated every 5 to 10 years to remain relevant and to stay in line with the landowner’s wishes and needs. While it is very useful to have a registered professional forester create the management plan, it is important that the landowner be involved in the process as well to ensure that it conforms to their own unique needs and values.

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    Other Qualifications
    Professional Agrologist/Soil Scientist (P.Ag.)
    Registered Professional Forester (RPF)
    A member in good standing with the Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia.
    FEC Certification
    Holds certificate for completion of the NS Forest Ecosystem Classification course.

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