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Inform Silvicultural

30 years in Silviculture contracting, FEC trained, environmently inclined, focus is on early and non merchantable work but do Cat 7 work, lots of references, easy to talk to am interested in YOUR aproach. PETE

Company Details

Number of years in business30
Number of employees6
Number of Services0
Certifications or Qualifications5
LocationKings, Nova Scotia
Payment OptionsCash,Cheque



    Other Qualifications
    Registered with WCB
    Registered with the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.
    Clearing Saw
    Certification for clearing saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    Chain Saw
    Certification for chain saw use, safety, and maintenance.
    FSSNS Core Program
    Have completed the Core Program of the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia.

This service provider prefers contact by telephone, please call (902) 765-3555.

Contact Details

Company NameInform Silvicultural
Contact NameInform1
Phone(902) 765-3555
Street3386 Bishop Mtn. Rd.
ProvinceNova Scotia
Postal CodeBOPIRO


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